Lowongan Project Control Staff - Bandung-PT Maha Kreasi Indonesia

    Project Control Staff - Bandung-PT Maha Kreasi Indonesia

    Bandung (Jawa Barat) | Ditayangkan: 29-August-2019 | Tutup pada 28-September-2019

    Kami menghimbau agar Anda berhati-hati saat melamar  pekerjaan dengan selalu memastikan iklan lowongan tersebut sesuai dengan profil perusahaannya.

    Waspadalah jika Anda menemukan hal-hal di bawah ini :
    • PT Maha Kreasi Indonesia tidak pernah memungut biaya apapun dalam proses rekrutmen.
    • PT Maha Kreasi Indonesia tidak pernah bekerja sama dengan travel agent / biro perjalanan tertentu dalam proses  rekrutmen.
    • Apabila Anda diminta untuk membayar sejumlah uang dalam bentuk pembayaran tiket pesawat dan hotel atau  akomodasi lainnya agar diabaikan.
    • Apabila ada Panggilan wawancara di lokasi yang tidak sesuai dengan iklan yang tertera pada iklan lowongan.
    • Jangan memberikan data pribadi atau data keuangan Anda kepada siapapun.
    We need you, Creative people !

    We are Creative Squad (creative agency) based in Bandung Indonesia. We're not just agency. We actually think, create and produce our ideas. That approaces each project with passion , excitement and curiosity with method and precision.
    We hade worked in new ways of communicating and new digital solutions since 2004, always trying to invent something new and different. We mix creativity, usability and millions idea to delivering awesome experiences for your event and your business
    Everyone knows what to do. Like a family, we gather together and work with skill, care and method.
    And like every family, we discuss, laugh, argue, decide and even hug sometimes. we Like each other and work well together.
    Because of you , we make it happen.

    What we offer :
    Competitive Salary
    - Flexible working hours ( manage your own time )
    - Health Insurance
    - BPJSTK & BPJS Kesehatan
    - Staff Loan
    - Cozy office
    - Casual attire
    - Unforgetable lifetime experience!
    Job Description :
    1. Create event preparations schedule for all events team and other related internal teams
    2. Create timelines for each event preparations for all event teams and support teams
    3. Monitor project/event progress for all teams
    4. Make sure all team's progress is running within schedule and based on SOP
    5. Remind Project Officers or Team Managers of approaching deadlines
    6. Inform any timeline/schedule changes to all teams
    7. Compare between planned progress and real progress 
    8. Compare between planned budget and real expenses
    9. Identify problems disrupting event/project progress
    10. Make weekly report on progress updates, issues and solutions to problems
    Job Requirements :
    1. Have at least a Diploma Degree preferably in Industrial Engineering
    2. High attention in details
    3. Well organized
    4 Smart, strong time management skill
    5. Have a good logical and analytical thinking
    6. Able to work under pressure , long hours and within tight deadline
    7. Computer Literate, at least Microsoft Office
    8. Good communication skills
    9. Energetic and problem solver
    10. Having at least 1 year experience in project timeline management is a plus

    We are fast growing Entertainment Event Organizer in Bandung we create once in a lifetime event, provide idea & design.
    Maha Kreasi Indonesia is a young and creative design studio based with cool clients and great working benefits! We CHALLENGE you to join with our creative team.

    ALAMAT : PT Maha Kreasi Indonesia
    Jalan Kembar VIII, Cigereleng, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia