Lowongan Administrasi Warehouse-PT Tirta Alam Segar

    Administrasi Warehouse-PT Tirta Alam Segar

    Bekasi (Jawa Barat) - Cibitung | Ditayangkan: 24-July-2019 | Tutup pada 23-August-2019

    WINGS Group is one of the largest and most established consumer goods manufacturer in Indonesia focusing in laundry, household, personal care, and Food & Beverage products. PT. Tirta Alam Segar is one of the companies incorporated in the Wings group that operates in the Food & Beverage products. Our products are Ale-ale, Teh Rio, Power F, and Floridina. Due to our rapid expanding growth, currently we are looking for immediately many profesionals and potential people especially who experienced in Food & Beverage Industry to be placed and trained as our next leaders in the company.

    Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab :
    • Menguasai Administrasi
    • Menguasai Microsoft Office (Word, Excell, Power Point)
    • Menguasai SAP
    Kualifikasi :
    • Usia 18 - 30 Tahun
    • Memiliki Pengalaman Min 1 tahun sebagai Admin Warehouse
    • Rajin, Disiplin, Tekun, Berkepribadian Baik, Dapat bekerja dibawah tekanan.
    • Dapat mengoperasikan komputer dengan baik dan cepat.
    • Detail, analisa bagus, rapih dan sopan.
    • Bersedia bekerja Shift

    As we know that Wingsfood is one of the largest food and beverages company in Indonesia. Wingsfood consisting of several companies where one of them is PT Tirta Alam Segar. PT Tirta Alam Segar is a company that values the quality and performance of its employees so as to career opportunities and thrive in this company is very great. PT Tirta Alam Segar also hold various training for develop the employees both from internal and cooperate with third parties. PT Tirta Alam Segar also facilitates recreation of annualized for employees in order to aggravate relations between worker and as a means of relaxation for our employees.

    ALAMAT : PT Tirta Alam Segar
    Kawasan Industri MM2100, Jl. Kalimantan Kav. B1 - B2, Gandasari, West Java, Indonesia